WhatsApp group: How to set up a WhatsApp group – how to remove someone from a group

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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat platform, boasting more than 1.6 billion regular users. One of WhatsApp’s main attractions is the group chat option, allowing users to keep in touch with multiple contacts. If you are a WhatsApp group administrator, which you will be automatically if you created it, you can add people to that existing group pretty easily.

The original administrator is also able to add other admins by selecting them on the group page accessed by selecting the group name in the chat window.

These admins can then add new group members to the communal conversation as well.

Once you are an admin, adding more members is easy.

Start by logging into Whatsapp and tap the group in which you need to add members.

Next select the section at the top of the chat, near where the group name appears.

Then simply scroll down and click the Add Participants option.

You will then be given two options.

The first is to Invite to group via link, while the second option is to choose directly from your contact list the members you want to add.

If you select the second option, the person you tap on your contacts list will be automatically added to the group.

But if you pick the first option, if you click “invite to group via link”, you will be given multiple options.

Send Link via WhatsApp is the quickest option if they are using WhatsApp.

Copy Link saves the link or message it to them by pasting it on WhatsApp.

Share Link shares it straight to an email app or social media.

And Revoke Link renders the link just created obsolete, meaning it can no longer be used.

How to delete a WhatsApp group:

You usually need to have admin access to delete a WhatsApp group.

However you can also delete the group if you are not an administrator.

But this group will only be deleted from your device and you will be no longer able to see that group’s messages and media.

Begin by opening your WhatsApp account and click on the group you wish to delete.

Simply scroll down to look for the option of Exit Group and a pop-up will appear to confirm your exit from the group.

Then tap on Exit and you will cease to be a member of that group.

But although you will no longer be a member of the group it will continue to appear in your chat history.

To delete a group, once again visit the group info window and scroll down to look for the Delete Group option.

The group will then disappear from your chat history.

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