Trump raises China tariffs in escalation of trade war



President Donald Trump said he would increase tariffs on Chinese imports in an escalation of a trade war between Washington and Beijing that rocked stock markets on Friday. See full story.

Dow ends more than 600 points lower as U.S.-China trade war intensifies

U.S. stocks fall sharply Friday as President Donald Trump says he’s “ordering” U.S. companies to start looking for “an alternative to China” after Beijing imposed more retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods. See full story.

The dirty secret about most ‘fixer uppers’

The findings of a new survey appear to go against the interests of the company that paid for it. See full story.

‘It is an act of insanity to stay in the U.S.:’ Why this 63-year-old teacher ditched Massachusetts to retire in the highlands of Panama

You can live on about $2,000 a month, experts says, and Panama has a generous ‘pensionado program.’ But there are drawbacks. See full story.

The Trump era could wind up like the 1930s

If the past is prologue, then the situation that President Trump finds himself in—and our country finds itself in—increasingly resembles what we’ve seen before See full story.


‘With my limited time left, I want to invest in a new kitchen — both as a gift to my wife and as something positive and new to lift my spirits, since I’m largely confined to our home.’ See full story.


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