eBay down – Website and app not working as customers blocked from auction site

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7.50 AM UPDATE: After a short outage, the eBay website briefly came back online although the  gremlins have now hit the service again.

The eBay app continues to have problems with users currently seeing an empty screen and the words “Oops! Something went wrong.”

ORIGINAL STORY: eBay users are suffering from a major outage this morning with hundreds complaining that they can’t log in and access the website or smartphone app.

The issues appear to have begun at around 7.30am with customers seeing an error which says service unavailable.

Down Detector, a website which monitors issues across the web, is also showing thousands of reports across many parts of the UK.

The issues also appear to be affecting large parts of Europe and Australia.

Users have flooded forums and social media with complaints about the outage with one saying: “Got issues with eBay app and eBay website can’t load either”

Another user vented their anger saying: “I have a Business and lots of parcels to ship out can’t do anything right now. Not good at all .”

One problem with the site going offline is that it leaves many people unable to place bids on products when the auction is coming to an end.

There’s numerous tweets that have confirmed people aren’t able to buy things right now with one Twitter user saying: “@eBay_UK I need to put a bid on something but your website is down?”


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